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Sierra Produce

Sierra Produce is an importer, marketer and shipper of fresh fruit products sourced globally.  Our history began in 1995 representing growers from California, Chile, and Italy while operating under the name Sierra Kiwi, Inc.  Since the inception, our business has experienced consistent and steady growth in terms of commodity mix and volume.  Due to the fact that we represent so much more than just kiwis, our name changed in 2002 to Sierra Produce to better define our business.

Sierra Produce currently has two marketing offices strategically located at the major receiving ports on the West and East Coast.  The West Coast marketing office, acting as the company’s corporate headquarters, is located in Tustin, California.  The East Coast marketing office is located in Sewell, New Jersey.  Our core business is concentrated in marketing Southern Hemisphere fresh fruit primarily sourced from Chile.  In order to meet our customer’s demands, our volumes have also increased from other countries such as Peru, Brazil, and Italy.

The products we sell are supplied from financially sound growers/exporters who manage their own proprietary farms.  Our relationships are long standing and in many cases are exclusive marketing arrangements.  Sierra Produce prides itself on having a relatively small number of grower/exporter associations, but still able to provide a large volume of consistently packed, high quality produce.

Diverse relationships in the Southern Hemisphere allow us to provide a consistent flow of product to our growing customer base.  Historically our grower/exporter associates have been strategically selected to provide a multitude of different commodities and varieties throughout the whole growing season.  The goal is to provide a diverse commodity mix to our customer base while also satisfying their volume requirements.  We are actively working alongside our growers/exporters to relay customer and consumer feedback to facilitate necessary changes.

Sierra Produce is one of the largest Chilean fruit importers in the United States importing nearly four million packages to the East and West Coasts combined.  Our volume increases over time are primarily with our existing growers/exporters, rather than the addition of new associations.   Since we have a limited number of sourcing relationships, we have fewer grower lots than many of our larger competitors.  Due to this fact we are able to segregate our lots not only by size, label, and grade, but also by individual grower lots and pack dates.  This process is supervised by our in-house quality control team and assures our customers will receive consistent product quality.  We are regularly inspecting the quality of our products upon arrival and prior to shipping to insure our customer’s receive the quality they expect.

We have an ample and diverse product assortment to satisfy our customer needs.   Our program includes table grapes, stone fruit, apples, pears, kiwi, avocados, lemons, and oranges.  Sierra Produce offers a wide range of pack styles including clam shells, food service and bags.   We also offer special packaging options and seasonal program pricing upon request.